• Wind Power

    The wind power bearing cage produced by Ruigu Tech, can withstand the harsh environment and maintain long-life stable operation, to protect the environment-friendly clean energy.
  • Railway

    Contribute to the integration and development of the world, Ruigu Tech is willing to do its best to speed up the world.
  • shipping

    From development to protection, Ruigu Tech, as always provides strong support for safe and healthy offshore operations.
  • Aviation

    At present, aviation industry has become an indispensable part of human strategic survival, the cage provided by Ruigu Tech will operate reliably under the conditions of high speed, high temperature and complex conditions.
  • Metallurgy

    The cage produced by Ruigu Tech can meet the harsh working environment and extreme conditions, excellent performance will be the best guarantee for low maintenance cost and operation safety.
  • Mine

    Ruigu Tech faces the challenge of mining industry, produce every product with rigorous attitude and leading technology, stabilize the normal operation of machine and reduce the working risk.
  • Mechanical Equipment

    In the face of the continuous upgrading of the mechanical equipment industry and the growing demand for high-end products, Ruigu Tech undertakes the task of maintaining the stable operation of the equipment, broadening its service life and reliability, and supporting the progress of the world industry.